Our Services

At NEHHC, we provide a variety of services with a single focus-the best quality care for the best quality of living for our clients. We offer helpful services that maintain our clients’ independence such as medication refills or housekeeping. We also provide more intense services that require vigilance and highly acquired skills from a Registered Nurse or other medical professional. Our services, no matter their degree of difficulty, are always carried out with companionship, compassion, and kindness. We want you to have the best care with any service we provide.

Before services begin, you and your family will meet with a supervising RN who will be responsible for your ongoing quality of care. Together you will determine a specific care plan. An RN will also have contact with the client or their family at least twice a month to monitor the care program, provide advice and assistance, problem-solve when necessary, and generally work to insure the ongoing quality of care. Also, an RN is available for staff, client, and/or family 24/7.

leonard-6-hi-resProfessionalismCaringInfant getting breathing treatment from mother while suffering from illness

Our service areas include:

Concierge services

Post-injury care

Post-surgery care

Staffing support services

Our care focus is for the following client types:

Elder care

Pediatric care

Recovering patients