Post Surgery / Injury Questions

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Will my NEHHC home care nurse or aide be trained in my child’s or loved one’s disability?

Yes. Most of our home healthcare staff are CNAs (Certified Nurse Assistants) with at least 150 hours of medical training. A small percentage are PCAs (Personal Care Assistants) with 40 or more hours of medical training. We also employ RNs and LPNs to fulfill assignments requiring a higher skill level. Unlike many home health care providers, New England Home Health Care is state licensed, requiring us to adhere to rigorous staffing, safety, and supervision standards, including background checks, motor vehicle reports, and professional references.

What services will our NEHHC Assistant provide?

The short answer is: whatever it takes to keep you or your loved one healthy and comfortable. Typical services our caregivers provide for disabled clients include:


  • Assistance in bathing and dressing
  • Toilet assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication dispensing and monitoring
  • Laundry and housekeeping
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Companionship and emotional support
  • Informal education and support of family members


Before services begin, you and your family will meet with a supervising RN who will be responsible for your ongoing quality of care. Together you will determine a specific care plan. An RN will also have contact with the client or their family at least twice a month to monitor the care program, provide advice and assistance, problem-solve when necessary, and generally work to insure the ongoing quality of care. Also, an RN is available for staff, client, and/or family 24/7.

What if our NEHHC caregiver wants to take a vacation? Do I have to find a replacement?

Absolutely not! Your caregiver is an employee of New England Home Health Care; we handle every aspect of care delivery for you, including scheduling replacement caregivers when needed.

What exactly does “private pay” mean? Do you accept MaineCare?

Private pay means that the cost of NEHHC services is paid by the client or his or her family, through a trust fund, or by private insurance.


We do accept a limited number of MaineCare clients each year. Please call our Bangor office or fill out our contact form at the right of this page for more information.

Is New England Home Health Care able to provide specialized care for me or my disabled loved one?

Every day across Maine, NEHHC professionals are caring for disabled individuals of all ages. Our company’s list of expertise spans from those who are completely bedridden or confined to a wheelchair to those who are mobile but unable to handle all the routines of daily living.

I have a neighbor who has done home aide work, and I’m wondering if I should hire him or her. What’s the down side?

While a trusted neighbor may seem like a logical solution, there are many caveats to consider. What happens if the neighbor becomes ill, or wants a vacation? What if you’re not satisfied with his or her work? What if he or she is injured on the job-who pays the bills? Who pays the taxes and registers all the paperwork required by the IRS? New England Home Health Care staff are fully insured and bonded and backed by a staff of over 100 professional caregivers. NEHHC also handles all payroll, holiday scheduling, and supervision, and also has relief staff on hand to cover to any caregiver in case of sickness or family emergency. NEHHC staff must adhere to a clear code of ethics, insuring that our staff, while appreciated, stay on a caring but professional basis with clients.


While a person could “solve a problem” by hiring a friend or neighbor, the long term consequences can be a much larger problem.