Pediatric Care Questions

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What exactly does “private pay” mean? Do you accept MaineCare?

Private pay means that the cost of NEHHC services is paid by the client or his or her family, through a trust fund, or by private insurance.


We do accept a limited number of MaineCare clients each year. Please call our Bangor office or fill out our contact form at the right of this page for more information.

It’s important to us that our caregiver shares our passion for helping our child progress as much as possible. Can you speak to that?

Caring for children is a sacred assignment. As with every child, there is a window of opportunity during childhood when the mind and body is wired for growth and progress. At NEHHC, we understand that sense of urgency, and will do everything we can to help your child learn to be as self-sufficient as possible. While helping clients learn and practice self-care is a goal for clients of all ages, it is a central concern with children.


However, no one will be a better advocate for your child than you. Both when creating your child’s care plan and as new issues and knowledge becomes available, we encourage you to communicate with your caregiver and supervising RN so that we can continue to provide the best level of in home care possible for your child.

My parents would like to set up a trust fund for our child’s care, including in-home care services. Will that make our child ineligible for MaineCare or other forms of assistance?

If a trust is not set up properly, yes, it can. However, under a properly created Special Needs Trust (SNT), NEHHC or other in-home services can be covered without jeopardizing other forms of public assistance. It’s important to consult a Maine attorney knowledgeable in such trusts. While we are not attorneys, New England Home Health Care works cooperatively with many trustees and trust attorneys to provide the level of care and documentation required by a given SNT.

Is New England Home Health Care able to provide specialized care for my child?

NEHHC has expertise in caring for children with a wide variety of needs. Services can range from parental support a few hours a week to daily, round-the-clock care. A supervising RN begins by working with parents and other designated treatment team members to create a written plan of care for your child. In most cases, NEHHC’s role is to provide your child with routine care for daily living. ¬†Please visit our pediatric page for more details.