General Questions

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What happens if my worker is unable to work due to illness or another reason?

NEHHC has a scheduler available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cover scheduling needs and to replace workers if needed.

What happens if I have a medical question or concern?

NEHHC has an RN available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for both clients and staff.

Is New England Home Health Care licensed by the State of Maine?

Yes, New England Home Health Care (NEHHC) is licensed by the State of Maine. Some agencies are registered by the state but not licensed, which means that they are not required to meet regulatory standards. However, you want an agency that is licensed by the State. This requires the agency to meet strict regulations. The Division of Licensing and Certification monitors licensed agencies on a regular basis to ensure compliance with these regulations.

How does my caregiver know what to do for me?

At NEHHC, an RN works with you, your physician, and your family (if desired) to develop a Plan of Care that meets your needs.

How are your employees supervised?

NEHHC’s Registered Nurses (RN) supervise our employees. An RN will visit your home to supervise the worker once per month, and an RN will call your home to ask questions about the quality of your care once per month.

How are your employees screened before hire?

NEHHC interviews prospective employees in person. Background checks are conducted, which include both driving and criminal records. Positive references from a minimum of 2 places of employment are required. Our CNAs must be in good standing with the Maine State CNA Registry.

Are your employees trained and certified?

NEHHC only hires employees who have a valid certificate of training. Some agencies hire employees with little to no experience, in which case training occurs on the job. When this happens, you may be the client the company is using to train their employee. Because unlicensed agencies are not regulated, they do not have hiring requirements.

Are your employees bonded?

Yes, NEHHC employees are bonded. Bonding insurance covers employees with professional liability, accident or injury in the home, and loss or injury to client property.