I have a neighbor who has done home aide work, and I’m wondering if I should hire him or her. What’s the down side?

While a trusted neighbor may seem like a logical solution, there are many caveats to consider. What happens if the neighbor becomes ill, or wants a vacation? What if you’re not satisfied with his or her work? What if he or she is injured on the job-who pays the bills? Who pays the taxes and registers all the paperwork required by the IRS? New England Home Health Care staff are fully insured and bonded and backed by a staff of over 100 professional caregivers. NEHHC also handles all payroll, holiday scheduling, and supervision, and also has relief staff on hand to cover to any caregiver in case of sickness or family emergency. NEHHC staff must adhere to a clear code of ethics, insuring that our staff, while appreciated, stay on a caring but professional basis with clients.


While a person could “solve a problem” by hiring a friend or neighbor, the long term consequences can be a much larger problem.