Concierge Services

If our clients are unable to find transportation or other inconveniences encountered to live an independent life, NEHHC is happy to provide concierge service for clients of all ages with non-medical needs. This is a service that provides convenience to go grocery shopping, visit a friend, or whatever your needs are to keep families together and help adjust to a new lifestyle. We provide a dependable option for those who may not have the resources or the means to get where they need to go to.

A service that is ideal for elderly adults, post-surgery patients, or first-time parents, NEHHC’s Concierge Services can truly make all the difference, practically and emotionally.  NEHHC’s licensed staff will provide support when extra help is needed to ensure that needs of daily life are addressed. Our clients are confident in knowing we will:

  • Keep the home clean, warm, and welcoming
  • Make sure appointments are kept
  • Run errands, including grocery shopping
  • Assist with meal preparation
  • Provide safe transportation to/from appointments and errands
  • Complete many other daily needs